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 Hailing from the City of Toronto, Hypercricket has been rocking steadily since November, 2003 when Dave Fenton (bass), Andrew Exworth (guitar) and Scott Hazelton (piano) began writing songs together at Cherry Beach studios. Our band began as a threesome, with Dave playing drums and Andrew playing bass. Scott Polley joined, playing guitar for about 3 months, but he was later replaced by Jeremy Drury (drums) – formerly of Glytch, 3 ½, F, Fat Chance and currently playing with Cedar, Sunlit Ambush and Jay Spectre – shifting Andrew and Dave to guitar and bass-guitar respectively. 

 The current line-up:

 Piano + Vocals – Scott Hazelton
 Guitar – Andrew Exworth
 Bass – Dave Fenton
 Drums – Jeremy Drury

 Hypercricket is a melodic skate-punk band with a wide range of musical influences (like Scottish pipe-drumming or Scott Joplin's ragtime piano) that are drawn from our unique instrumental line-up. Our lyrics capture coming of age politically and personally as we sing about aspects of modern life that directly and indirectly impact us: stuff like booty-calls, relationships, our oil-addicted westernized civilization and gang-related murder are all fair game. While we're based in Toronto now, we grew-up together in the town of Lindsay, found in cottage country north of Toronto. With touring, label, recording and separate band experiences under our collective belts, we started the band in 2003 and set out to write our own blend of high-energy songs that we could play live in the Toronto area and hopefully elsewhere someday. Now we're part of Toronto's independent music scene and we're playing a 12 song set regularly.

 In 1997, some of us signed to the Vancouver-based Nefer Records (GOB, Anti-Flag, DBS) with Fat Chance, who have since broken-up. Hypercricket also has band members that played in the Hardcore scene with The Fheds and the Toronto-based indie rock group, League Champs. Both groups have disbanded but had plenty of fans in their day and played shows throughout Ontario.


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