68 Pornomags

68 Pornomags

 Punk / Thrash / Rock 

Band Pic of 68 Pornomags


 Rising from the ashes of indie bands Five Knuckle Chuckle (Raw Energy Records) and Three Impotent Males (Raw Energy Records). The 68pornomags D.I.Y. ethic and general loathing of the state of radio bring us their brand of Canadian hardcore rock. 68pornomags have set themselves apart by fuelling their collective creativity and appetite for technical precision by playing what they want, when they want, all the while still drilling hooks and their message in your brain. Three creative forces using the music to satisfy each of their own creative desires. Fortunately, there is enough unity in the vision to turn tension into energy. Lyrically speaking, 68pornomags delves heavily into the social/political arena. Their stance on today's youth becomes clear in "Ideologies", when they state, "Raise your kids on MTV / Let reality television / Show them the way that things should be / I'll never work for a prince's or a paupers pay / I won't be content / Until we start a new society. On this, their freshman album, 68pornomags have created the next true Canadian punk album! 68pornomags are coming to destroy your town!









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