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The Vulcan Dub Squad

 Melodramatic Popular Song 

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Eight years on, the steady road travelled by The Vulcan Dub Squad remains much the same as the band continues to create their own blend of garage/soft-psych and indie/shoegaze-pop music veiled in theatre and high energy shows. Numerous live gigs, varied costumes, a cluth of singles, an E.P. and three full length LP's have all taken form and faded as The Vulcans have refined their sound and stage performance into the spectacle it is today

Starting out as a predominantly instrumental-ambient 3 piece (as witnessed on their eponymous 1st album released in '97), The Vulcans later grew with experience and personnel to encompass a larger scope of melody based songs. Embracing more variety and breadth of influence, The Vulcans released their 2nd album (also eponymous) in '99, a sound of you've just about got it). This paved the way for 'This Nations Saving Face', their widely released and acclaimed album of 2003. 'This Nations…' successes have in turn laid the foundations for their latest offering 'Just Watch Us' (2005), a self recorded/produced masterpiece that melds a lo-fi, AM-radio styled wrapping to songs lush with vocal melodies and densely layered arrangements that sonically fall somewhere between the notes of The Kinks, The Free Design and Godspeed! You Black Emperor.

With the new album's release poised to make great headway in the Canadian music scene this Spring of 2005, curiousity may lead one inquire — how far indeed are The Vulcans willing to go in their determined strive to present rich substance and sharp style with music that matters? Why, dear friends — Just Watch Them!




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