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The Famous Monsters are an explosive 4-piece rock n roll powerhouse from downtown Toronto. The band was formed in November of 2004 as a 3-piece and began gigging weekly at various locations like the Black Swan where they headlined weekly showcases and helped promote local bands. As the band grew it also gradually changed it's sound, eventually picking up a lead guitar to complete the band. Live, the guys take pride in their energetic performance with an exciting array of songs, lights, smoke and an atmoshpere of sights and sounds unique to their own. They are proud to have shared the stage with such legends as the Misfits as well as countless other great bands like the Matadors, the Creepshow, Keepin'6, the Brains, Test Monkey, The Black Donnellys, the 3tards and more… The band is continuing to gig steadily and is looking forward to bigger and better things in the near future…The Famous Monsters are back and better than ever.

NEWS for fans and fiends alike. First of all the band will be recording a balls-out demo at various unspecified locations throughout Toronto which will involve witchcraft and an assortment of alcohol, duct tape and vaseline. Expect a finished product in the near future, until then grab yourself in unabashed expectation, it'll be worth every second. Pictures, updates and information about the release will be posted here first, so check back soon for some rough cuts and bloody stumps…BUT FOR NOW our recent single 'Frankenstein' has been getting some plays and good reviews, so thanks…keep it up

 We cannot stress enough how important your attendance will be at LIVE PERFORMANCES. You must show up or face the consequences of being engaged upon by something evil and very unpleasant (yeah, we know what you're thinking, but NO, it isn't our drummer!). In order to ensure that you are not disturbed by such evil forces we encourage you to participate at every show, which will guarantee inebriation, WE REPEAT: INEBRIATION O PLENTY… carnality, cannibalism, cruelty and so on ….so we'll see you there, or you can die. It's up to you really so don't be stupid and come to our show already… In the meantime the band is busy planning some very exciting events for the next couple months. More information will be revealed all in good time, keep your eyes and ears peeled for updates and we'll see you all at the gigs

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