06/20/07 – Banana Market, Earz, The David Delzotto Experience

Banana Market, Earz, The David Delzotto Experience

Central – June 20, 2007

TJ Liebgott

It’s fitting that one of Toronto’s newest music clubs would fill a night with virtually unknown acts.  Central (previously The Red Guitar) on Markham St. would better lend itself as a Jazz or acoustic open mic night.  However, the venue has been trying to book night after night of rock acts. A restaurant by day and live music venue by night may be just a little too ambitious for this small establishment. 


            The night started off on sour note after sour note.  The sound for such a small space was atrocious.  For the sake of Central, I hope that they are still working out the kinks of their sound system. 


            Banana Market was the first band to hit the stage.  As a whole, Banana Market spews raw energy with a slight punk rock snarl.  Frontwoman Libby offers a New Wave twist reminiscent of the B-52’s over the mostly chugging and riff orientated guitar work.  The show was lacking though with the absence of their bass player.  The storey was he was just too drunk to play, which for an opening act is pretty punk rock! 


            Earz, who were having their first appearance live, were a talented two-piece of very tight rock.  With just drums and guitar, Earz kept a good job of keeping the entertainment rolling.  This band was all about skill and technique and may have kept more people interested with the recruitment of a lead singer.  Look for these guys to progress into a presence in the Toronto music scene.


            Finally at just around midnight, The David Delzotto Experience took the stage.  Other than the fact that lead singer Vics vocal mic was extremely too low, this four-piece made their presence known.  DDE takes their influences mostly from the Seattle scene in the 90’s and combines them with the modern Montreal indie sound with pleasing results.  By the halfway point of the set the audience was definitely into the gig, which led them to an impromptu singing of Happy Birthday for bass player Del.


            Look for more from these 3 bands.  As they continue to play and progress they should be even more entertaining in the future.  They definitely showed the potential last night.  Central, on the other hand needs to work out all the bugs in their live sound set-up or just turn into a Jazz bar.

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