Rock / Alternative / Industrial – "Love Sex Death Rock" 


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LYE's live show is a volatile experience that veers sharply from one emotion to the next and has been described as not asking for attention but demanding it. In 2005, the band released their powerful debut album, Companion, a ten track rock n roll affair replete with elements of industrial, grunge and electronica which has been drawing comparisons to a diverse group of artists such as White Zombie, Nine Inch Nails and U2. Lye has spent the majority of their time since the release touring the record throughout North America, ending with a massively successful show at The Opera House, Toronto, where they filmed their first Live DVD set for release in April 2007.

 Never afraid to jump from the stage and join their fans, the members of LYE founded their reputation on an interactive and cathartic live show. Carruthers is a manic front man whose range of emotion runs from one extreme to another. Typically after announcing "this song is a love song," Carruthers bursts into a screaming rage amidst members of the audience.

 LYE is currently writing for what will become the anticipated follow up to 2005's Companion. Come the spring, the band will be heading back on the road to support the release of their DVD complete with a re-vamped live show to showcase their new material.




Upcoming Toronto Shows:




09/05/07 – The Mod Club Theatre 

Live Pictures: 

09/05/07 – Mod Club Theatre

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