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Lipstick Machine is Clare Anderson – drums, Kat – bass/vocals, and Barry Desmond Weatherhead – guitar/vocals.  The band started as an outlet for the girls to learn how to play the bass and drums, around November 2004. Barry joined in around Christmas on guitar making the process more speedy and interesting, as he had previously played bass/backing vocals in Grassy Knoll and the Magic Bullit.  This was his first time in the role of lead vocals and guitar. 
 Lipstick Machine's songwriting began immediately, from day 1.  Almost one year later the band has a cache of over 24 songs, and there seems to be no end in sight.   The band has been playing shows steadily in Toronto, and London Ontario since March 3rd 2005, including an opening slot for The Diableros at their c.d. release party.  
 Lipstick Machine has been described as, garage-new wave-surf-rock 'n' roll, with comparisons to joy division, the velvet underground, the smiths, galaxy 500, and sonic youth.  Complete with two distinct lead vocalists, steady hypnotic rhythms, melodic bass lines, and sparse ambient guitar, and of course the obligatory rock 'n' roll guitar solos.   Lipstick Machine is the illegitimate love child of the 60's and the 80's.


by mail:
 Lipstick Machine
 207 Major Street
 Toronto, Ontario
 M5S 2L4     

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