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Crush Luther

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Crush Luther was a welcome change from the line up of primarily mediocre hard-core acts when I first saw them perform more than a year ago. As the band sang and danced their way through their set, a remarkable thing happened. Emo kids pushed black scenester hair out of their eyes; hands were removed from pockets; and the joys of moving your body along with the beat were rediscovered. Catchy pop songs and irrepressibly charming stage behaviour reigned supreme.

The outfit is driven by the inventive and understated drumming of Brent Mills (noted here first because drummers never get enough respect) and the propulsive bass lines of Bodan Mulholland. Rhythm guitarist Giggi Bongard contributes both a strong jaw line and a rhythmic sense that reminds lead guitarist Matt Fury how fortunate he is to only be required to play terrifyingly athletic, one-foot-on-the-monitor worthy guitar solos. The ensemble is rounded out by front man Luther Mallory, whose marketable skills include commentary on continuity errors in Lord of the Rings, memorization of entire Full House episodes, and a dangerously large voice that rolls out of his deceptively Sid-Vicious-like build.

Crush Luther's engrossing live show has awarded them a chance to in Canada on the 2005 Warped Tour, Wakestock, a NXNE showcase, as well as opening slots for bands like Fishbone and The Salads.

Recently, the band has signed with High 4 Records, owned and operated by Darren Pfeiffer of Goldfinger. The band has written and is currently in the studio recording their first full-length album.

I still take in a Crush Luther show whenever time permits, and always think: Luther sounds a bit like Rod Stewart, when Rod Stewart was cool, before the whole "American Songbook" thing.

-The extremely fertile Dustin Wood of grand:pm


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July 29 2007 – Wakestock 

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