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Burning the Day, through its short life, has already accomplished a great deal. The band was formed by vocalist Chris Gillespie, drummer Matt Metcalfe and guitarist Braden Hoey in early 2005. Eager to acquire a solid bassist, Dan Rodbard was quickly recruited. Shortly after, they started writing songs for the album now known as "In Fall She Sleeps". "Heavy and dark but melodic was exactly what the music was becoming. We all shared the same views and goals when it came to writing, we wanted to make something that the industry was lacking." (Chris Gillespie) > > Their first album, "In Fall She Sleeps", was released in March 2006. This came very easily to the talented foursome, but not without many hours in the studios rehearsing and recording until each song was perfected. The long hours proved to be worth it as "In Fall She Sleeps" shows an inspirational collection of 11 tracks, each of them focusing on each individuals strengths and pushing each member to a new level. > All four members of BTD have many years of experience within different bands. Their understanding of the dedication and devotion needed to succeed is evident and growing. This is shown through every practice and every show. Now a studio band, they push themselves even harder. Their determination is now stronger than ever. Their fans adore them. With every website hit, every sticker and every demo CD, they gain ever increasing interest. Without a doubt, Burning the Day will go far, and will be grateful for they know that each fan and each break theyve been given is a blessing. They acknowledge every opportunity as a stepping stone and with enough stepping stones will eventually have the chance to be heard. Recently, BTD lost bassist Dan Rodbard and new bassist Mike Cohen was welcomed into the BTD family. With the newest edition, BTD is headed down a very exciting road. Each member carries his own story, his own outlook, but they all know where they are headed. "One of the most powerful and innovative Hardcore/Metal bands I have ever heard. I have no doubt that their debut record will be nothing less than brilliant. Definitely the Heavy band to watch out for over the next few years"

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