Birthday Massacre, The


Alternative / Electronica / Industrial –  "Memories in paraphrase…"  

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 The Birthday Massacre are from Toronto, Canada. Combining their interests in various musical and artistic styles, the band has successfully accumulated an impressive international fan base, press accolades, and defied categorization with their unique sound and visuals.

 The band was formed in 2000 and independently produced and recorded their first two albums, Nothing and Nowhere and Violet. Through both of these high-demand releases, as well as their highly acclaimed and beautifully atmospheric website , the band has obtained a large and loyal fan base throughout the world. The band currently finds a home on the European label Repo Records, and Metropolis in North America. The bands lineup consists of vocalist Chibi, guitarists Rainbow and Mike Falcore, bassist Aslan, keyboardist Owen and drummer Rhim.

 The last year has seen the band touring internationally, traveling across Canada, the United States, Mexico, and many European countries. They have become renowned for their high-energy live performances, drawing large, mixed crowds through their appeal to fans of a surprisingly wide range of genres. Equally comfortable playing intimate venues as they are on a festival stage, the bands highly-praised performances will continue into the next year as they continue touring and creating new material for future release. 



Upcoming Toronto Shows: 




The Birthday Massacre can be our prom dates any day


09/05/07- The Mod Club Theatre 

Live Pictures: 

09/05/07 – Mod Club Theatre 

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