We’re Going On Hiatus


Toronto Music Scene January 6, 2014


Dear readers,

If you had asked us when we first started Toronto Music Scene back in 2007 what we expected to get out of this music blog, we never could have predicted or imagined the adventures, exposure and access to music it would allow. We’ve had the opportunity to not only attend some of the best shows in the city, but also to put some on. Supporting the local music scene has been our mantra since the beginning and it’s been a simple one to fulfill. There is so much happening in this city and so much talent bleeding out from behind basement and venue doors that writing about it didn’t only make sense, it was actually pretty easy.

There were months when we had up to 20 people contributing to this site at one time. We’ve been fortunate to bring on people such as Myles Herod, who breathed new light into Toronto Music Scene and helped us shape our narrative of the city. We are and will forever be grateful for this help and support from people who appreciate Toronto’s music scene as much as we do. And when the time is right, we’ll be sure to call on these fantastic writers and editors again.

But for now, we are taking a break from Toronto Music Scene. Both TJ Liebgott and Sheena Lyonnais have become so busy with other endeavours it’s been hard for us to maintain the caliber and wealth of content you’re used to. We’ll be popping our heads up again here and there, likely around music festival times or when something truly magical happens, but for the most part Toronto Music Scene is going on a temporary though indefinite hiatus for the time being.

Again, thank you for your support and thanks for reading TMS over the years. We’ll still see you around town at shows, you can count on that, and we’ll be sure to keep you informed as to any future developments with TMS. For now, however, promise us you’ll continue to support as much local music as much as you possibly can and we promise we’ll do the same. To keep up to date on what we’re up to, check out tjhollywood.com and sheenalyonnais.com.


Sheena and TJ

Album Review: Brodie Dakin – An Audience w/ The Winter Wolves

a1263045959 2-1

By: Shannon Bryan December 6, 2013

a1263045959 2-1

Toronto singer/songwriter Brodie Dakin offers his first solo full length album, An Audience w/ The Winter Wolves, a unique project that brings together a number of musicians to fill each track. Jazz bass, guitar, keys and trumpet all make appearances, lending a variety of different styles to the 10-song album.

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Live Photos: Lowell @ The Drake


By: Sheena Lyonnais December 5, 2013


There is something captivating about Lowell, the Toronto singer who recently signed with Arts & Crafts. She’ll be releasing her first album through the label next year, the follow-up to her magical debut, If You Can, Solve This Jumble–the album she released with UK supergroup Apparatjik. Lowell’s performance at the Drake on Tuesday was a preview of what’s to come, dreamy tracks paired with an unmistakable energy that is both alluring and sweet. I once claimed that Lowell has the potential to become huge, and after her performance this week I stand by my proclamation. With Arts & Crafts backing her here in Canada, and an already seasoned following overseas, she is positioning herself to become a key player in the scene. The crowd at the Drake was clearly into the performance, which was both powerful and funny at times. Here are a few photos we managed to snap of Lowell and her homage to cheerleading and the Leafs. 

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Interview with Cherie Currie, Runaways Legend


By: Sheena Lyonnais November 11, 2013


Cherie Currie, lead singer of the revolutionary band the Runaways and author of Neon Angel, arguably one of the best music memoirs of our time, tears into Toronto tomorrow with a headlining show at Lee’s Palace. Having recently won the Rock Legend Award at the Malibu Music Awards, Currie found herself on stage performing with guitarist Lita Ford for the first time in more than 35 years. The emotions that brought back naturally revved up a desire to reunite the band that brought them together.

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Deaf By Dawn: My Bloody Valentine Return To Kool Haus


By: Myles Herod November 7, 2013


Having last toured in 2008, ending their 16 year silence, My Bloody Valentine have kept relatively busy since then, releasing a widely anticipated album of new material in February, simply titled mbv (their first since 1991).

Critically lauded, the ensuing concert dates came as no surprise. Granted that talks of a third Valentine’s record seemed as unlikely as David Bowie returning to the mainstream’s ears. And yet, 2013 proved to be a funny year. If anything, the Shoegaze gods are keenly aware of the mythos that prevails their reclusive nature. Performing live offers a rare opportunity from the Irish noise makers, appeasing those hungry for My Bloody Valentine’s live sonic assault while permitting hipsters alike to obnoxiously brandish a badge of honour.

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